Why NewHealth Collective

NewHealth Collective combines knowledge and experience of software producers, institutions, treatment providers, and patients. We can achieve a lasting solution for affordable and effective care through intensive collaboration:

  • Sharing is the new owning: treatment modules can be shared on the platform. Health care institutions develop their own modules, which they can share with other users. And quality will improve by sharing content. We are happy to pay you a visit and explain it face-to-face.
  • From idea to impact: from the many innovation ideas in the field of online health care, we choose experiments in conjunction with our customers in order to filter the hypes and find out what really works.
  • Not only do we promote the self-management of patients, we also promote self-management among our customers. You are in charge: you can create your own treatment modules tailored to your own target audience.
  • We enter into collaboration with interested parties, in other words there is no customer-supplier relationship. You, your target audience, and your stakeholders will be involved in innovation processes and are welcome to join the collective.
  • With us, you will not encounter IT-related problems: our technological basis is stable and secure. Stability, performance, and security are not points of discussion; they’re starting points.

About NewHealth Collective

NewHealth Collective was founded in 2013 as a joint venture of Parnassia Groep and Pangaea Internet Marketing. Both parties have been working together on the development of a software platform for online treatment since 2006.

In the e-Health Warehouse, the knowledge of health care and (online) treatment that Parnassia Groep possesses is combined with Pangaea’s expertise in the fields of technology and Internet marketing. NewHealth Collective wishes to encourage the collective creativity and power of innovation in the health care sector as well as jointly continue to build on lasting solutions for affordable and effective care.

The people working at NewHealth Collective are:

Frank Verhoef, director              Johan Vesseur
Maarten de Venster              Sandy Vermeij
Martin Zinkhaan

Maarten Zandveld