The eHealth Platform

The e-Health Warehouse (eHW) is a state-of-the-art online application for online treatment. Developed for 21st-century health care, the application enables care providers to support their own care programmes with online modules or to implement them completely online. Important features:

  • Working with private modules or modules of other eHW users, which may or may not take place under their own brand.
  • User-friendly and personalised online treatment environment for every client.
  • All treatment models are supported: online self-help, online assistance, or offline treatment with online components.
  • Comprehensive development environment in order to easily create modules or adjust existing modules.
  • Efficient treatment provider cockpit.
  • On-board management information system.
  • Can be linked to your own back office systems.
  • Possibility of various technical configurations, including a cloud solution.

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Brijder has over 10 years of experience with online treatment and deploys the e-Health Warehouse to assist customers all over the world with online help with addiction problems.

logo Indigo

Indigo deploys the e-Health Warehouse nation-wide to adequately and efficiently help its customers in the generalist GGZ (mental health care). Indigo created a customised online supply for its clients as part of its own approach.

1nP stands for ‘1st network of Professionals in the ambulatory GGZ (mental health care)’ and unites a large number of professional caregivers from all over the Netherlands. You can go to 1nP for psychiatric, psychological, or psychotherapeutic treatments.

Dijk en Duin not only deploys the e-Health Warehouse for its clients, but also for voluntary carers.