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The e-Health Warehouse: the flexible online platform for treatment, support and self-help.

Why NewHealth Collective?

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NewHealth Collective offers e-Health solutions aimed at:

  • effective and affordable care
  • health care that is accessible to a wide audience.

Years of practical experience and the ambition to innovate care form the basis for:

  • The e-Health Platform
  • Treatment modules
  • Implementation support

The deployment of e-Health yields results for:

  • treatment
  • quality
  • costs

The NewHealth Collective online platform is being used by more than 15 health care providers.

Why NewHealth Collective

NewHealth Collective is the result of an intensive collaboration between health care and Internet experts.

As a full service organisation, NewHealth Collective provides services in the field of e-Health, from strategy to implementation, continuous development and management.


The e-Health Platform

NewHealth Collective provides the platform for the online treatment and support of patients: the e-Health Warehouse

The platform was successfully implemented in several health care institutions.

A basic set of online treatment modules is readily available. Individual modules can be developed separately

e-Health treatment modules

Below are a few examples of existing modules. Please contact us for more information.





  • In control of alcohol
  • In control of cannabis
  • In control of gambling
  • Sex addiction
  • Assertiveness
  • Happiness guide
  • Self-image
  • Healthy in your work
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Relapse prevention
  • Crisis alert plan
  • Sleeping healthily
  • Stop excessively worrying
  • Eating healthily
  • My journal

e-Health implementation

It takes more than a good treatment plan and a distribution platform to implement e-Health. It requires a clear vision for modern health care and its translation into clinical pathways. Thinking about how online and offline components can maximally reinforce one another is a good place to start.

The migration of the organisation to new forms of care provision requires a professional approach. Business cases, a base of support, and quality control play an important role in this. Only when these elements are in place will changes produce the desired results.

NewHealth Collective will help you in this regard. Our extensive experience gained from working with over 15 health care institutions, we know what works and what doesn’t. We will help you set up your project and assist you with its implementation.


Regarding treatment

Regarding quality

Regarding costs

The health care sector is changing drastically. It is increasingly focused on promoting a productive and happy life (mental resilience) and preventing disease while control remains with the patient. If treatment is needed, its effect and affordability are very important.

e-Health is a key enabler in the manner in which assistance is provided in the future.

Elements are incorporated into the e-Health Warehouse as standards, of which both the technical and care-related efficiency has been determined. That way, new well-functioning modules can be set up quickly.

Online feedback from both clients and treatment providers enables the continuous adjustment and improvement of the treatment services on offer.

Joint development, reuse, and sharing are key terms in the NewHealth Collective approach and also constitute the starting points in the development of the e-Health Warehouse.

You can influence the direction to be taken based on the management information generated by the e-Health Warehouse.

Development and management costs are kept low without having to sacrifice functionality.


Brijder has over 10 years of experience with online treatment and deploys the e-Health Warehouse to assist customers all over the world with online help with addiction problems.

logo Indigo

Indigo deploys the e-Health Warehouse nation-wide to adequately and efficiently help its customers in the generalist GGZ (mental health care). Indigo created a customised online supply for its clients as part of its own approach.

1nP stands for ‘1st network of Professionals in the ambulatory GGZ (mental health care)’ and unites a large number of professional caregivers from all over the Netherlands. You can go to 1nP for psychiatric, psychological, or psychotherapeutic treatments.

Dijk en Duin not only deploys the e-Health Warehouse for its clients, but also for voluntary carers.