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What is e-health?

What is e-health? Learn about the advantages.

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Discover the benefits of e-health for your practice or organisation 

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Custom modules

  • Build your module simple and fast in our Creator
  • Reuse the best parts of other modules
  • Customise your module with your organization's look & feel
  • No programming skills needed

Every athlete can follow mental training, at his own pace, whenever and wherever he or she wants, Online platform for mental training and coaching. 

E-Health increases the therapy-loyalty of our clients

U-center,  U-center is a mental health care hospital specialized in psychological disorders and addictions. 

With anonymous e-health, we lower the threshold and we hope that people will seek help earlier.

Brijder, specialist in addictions.

the benefits

  • 24/7 access to your therapy.
  • Low-threshold contact between professional and client.
  • Integrate your own backoffice system.
  • The look-&-feel that fits your organisation.
  • Customise your own modules.
  • User-friendly and safe.
  • Proven effective.

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